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Introducing A Pioneering E-commerce Experience Powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI

Welcome to, a state-of-the-art demo e-commerce platform designed to showcase the innovative capabilities of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search & Conversation services, including Search, Chat, and Recommendations. Our site operates just like any real-world e-commerce website, featuring a wide range of products, categories, customer reviews, add-to-cart functionality, shipping options, and payment methods. The true magic, however, lies in how customers can interact with our platform.

Through the integration of Vertex AI’s Search & Conversation services, transcends traditional online shopping experiences. Customers can effortlessly search for products using conversational chatbots, receive personalized product recommendations, and navigate the entire shopping journey—from product discovery to checkout—using just chat interactions.

Behind the scenes, is powered by a robust set of services including order management, product handling, and shipment processing, all interconnected with Vertex AI’s services via API calls. This setup not only demonstrates the potential of leveraging large language models and AI features provided by Google Cloud but also addresses the need for a seamless integration into existing e-commerce or web platforms to truly deliver an end-to-end assistant-like experience to customers.

At, we believe in simplifying the shopping process. Why scroll and search when you can simply chat? Our platform allows customers to find products based on various criteria, inquire about product details or other items, and receive tailored recommendations. The entire purchase process, from selecting a product to adding it to the cart and completing the purchase, can be done effortlessly through chat.

Discover the future of online shopping with—where technology meets convenience at the tip of your fingers. Explore our platform today and see how we’re leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to redefine e-commerce experiences.

This is a DEMO site
There is no actual Sale or product on web Page


Gercek bir alışveriş sitesi değildir.

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