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Otribebe Nasal Aspirator and spare tips: Otribebe Nasal Aspirator, which is a medical device developed to clean the nasal secretion that causes nasal congestion with the help of controlled aspiration from the nose, has a mouthpiece, a flexible silicone tube, a hard body to keep the aspirator stable, and a sponge filter designed to fit the baby’s nostril. It consists of a transparent anatomical tip. The disposable anatomical tips of the Otribebe Nasal Aspirator contain a sponge filter to prevent nasal secretion from passing into the device. Otribebe Nasal Aspirator is sold with 2 disposable spare tips in a box. Spare tip boxes of 10 can be purchased separately for subsequent use. How to Use?

The steps of Otribebe’s unique cleaning method are quite simple and safe.
Step 1: Moisten the baby’s nose with Otribebe Monodoz.
Step 2: Attach the replaceable tip with the sponge filter to the body of the aspirator.
Step 3: Carefully place the tip of the Otribebe Nasal Aspirator at the entrance of the baby’s nasal canal. (However, do not try to insert the tip into your baby’s tiny nose; placing it at the entrance will provide more effective results.)
Step 4: Using the mouthpiece, inhale slowly and steadily. Apply the same procedure to the other nostril.
Step 5: The nasal secretion that blocks your baby’s nose will be attached to the filter and remain in the replaceable tip.
Step 6: After your baby’s nose is completely cleaned, remove the disposable replaceable tip and throw it in the trash.

Once your baby’s nose is completely clean, remove the disposable replaceable tip and throw it in the trash. Insert a new tip before each operation. It is important not to reuse the tip that is in direct contact with the infected nasal secretion to eliminate the risk of contagion of the infection.

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