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    delivery Your orders are sent free of charge and insured by "HepsiJet Kargo". Same Day Delivery: Orders with Motor Courier selection are valid between 08:00-17:00 on weekdays. If an order is placed via courier on the weekend, delivery will be made to the courier on the first business day. Certificate JTR | Jewelery Technology Research (Jewelry Technology Research Center) The reliability of our diamonds is internationally documented with the JTR certificate "proof of genuine and reliable jewellery". Order Cancellation, Return and Exchange Cancellation: You can cancel your orders that have not been shipped or have not been invoiced. The order of products produced in line with the customer's special requests and demands or personalized by making changes or additions and with selected letters cannot be cancelled. Returns: Orders of products that are produced in line with the customer's special requests and demands, or that have been personalized by making changes or additions, and where letters are selected, cannot be returned. You can return your order within 14 business days from the date you received it. You can send your return package with the shipping company of your choice, prepaid. Important: For products purchased with the Same Day Delivery Service, only the product price will be refunded by deducting the shipping fee collected from the invoice payment amount. Exchange: Products purchased through cannot be exchanged. Important: Since wedding rings, full-fledged products and personalized products will be produced specifically for your order, there are no refunds or cancellations.

    0.09 Ct. Diamond Baguette Bracelet