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    1.10 g 14 K White Gold
    Stone Stone Size Pieces
    Diamond 0.01 Carat 1 G SI Round
    Natural Sapphire - diffusion 0,25 Carat 1
    Total stone size is 0.26 carat.
    The stone of elegance, honesty, loyalty...
    It is also known as the "stone of legends". Since time immemorial, it has been seen as a symbol of seriousness, commitment and loyalty. For this reason, sapphire was often used in engagement rings as an indicator of commitment, trust and honesty. Princess Diana's engagement ring, for example, was an 18-carat sapphire ring surrounded by 14 diamonds. According to the belief, sapphire is recognised as a talismanic stone in the East and even today it is believed to bring blessings to the bearer and protect him from evil. The name sapphire means "beautiful thing" in Greek. In ancient Egypt, sapphire was the symbol of truth. In India, it was used as a sign of the wealth and power of maharajas.

    0,26 Carat Diamond Sapphire Necklace