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    delivery Shipping and deliveries are made within the times specified on the product poster. If a product-specific delivery date is not specified on the product poster, the delivery times in the legislation apply. Return and Shipping Conditions The return period is 14 days from the date of delivery of the products in your order to your address. You must send your product with the return code. After logging into your membership account, you can get your PTT Cargo FREE Return Shipping Code by following the steps "My Account>Cancellation/Return Request>Order Selection>Action Selection>Return Product Selection". The product to be returned must be unused, its original packaging must not be damaged and it must not lose its resellability. If electronic products such as televisions, display systems, mobile phones, tablets, notebooks are used or their packaging is opened, product returns can be made with the service report. Returns of installed/assembled furniture products cannot be accepted. Products that fail within the scope of warranty can be returned together with the service report/return report. If damage is detected in the cargo package or the products, you must have the cargo officer prepare a damage assessment report. In these and similar cases where the cargo officer does not prepare a report, you can return the product without receiving it. Returns of hygienic products (underwear, personal care products, health products, etc.) are not accepted if their packaging has been opened. Due to their nature, returns of products that will expire or deteriorate quickly cannot be accepted. You can contact our customer services at 0850 808 2 101 to return products delivered via dealer-authorized service or Horoz Logistics. If you have shopped without being a member, you can contact our customer services at 0850 808 2 101 to return your order. After the product is delivered to our company, it will be examined and the process will be completed within 7 business days. Turkish Red Crescent Earthquake Zone Aid products; *This product is a virtual product and its purpose is to determine the donation amount. A maximum of 1 piece can be purchased and there will be no physical shipment. *Since the transaction in question is a donation within the scope of the relevant legislation, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised and the product cannot be canceled or refunded. *Donation transactions are carried out in accordance with the Charity Collection Law and relevant legislation within the scope of the protocol between the Turkish Red Crescent Association and A101. You can inquire about the donations you have made to the Turkish Red Crescent Society at with your order number. *The donations you make are transferred directly to the Turkish Red Crescent Association by A101 without any commission. The Red Crescent delivers your donations to those in need and disaster victims using the method it has determined. *During the donation process, your personal data is not transferred to the Red Crescent, except for transferring your order number so that you can inquire about your donation, and personal data can only be transferred for audit purposes in a measured and limited manner within the scope of the relevant legislation. *You can find detailed information about return conditions and processes via the link
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    Gül Aras Sugar Powder 5000 G