Apple iPad 10th Generation 10.9” Wifi 256GB Blue Tablet MPQ93TU/A $692.97

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Yes, he can do that. And this. And this.

iPad is a versatile device. That’s why he’s always ready for any task. Work on a project, express your creativity, or play an immersive game. No matter what you’re doing, iPad is there to help you do it all in a fun and powerful way. Here are just a few of the countless things you can do with iPad.

Powerful applications. It’s very easy to use each one.

Run the powerful apps you’re used to using, like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office, on iPad, and use them even more easily with touch gestures.

Use multiple apps simultaneously and switch between them easily.

Multitasking on iPad is now more powerful and user-friendly than ever. Switch seamlessly from one app to another. Work with multiple apps simultaneously with Slide Over or Split View. If you wish, you can even drag and drop content from one application to another by touching the screen or using the trackpad. Moreover, on iPad Pro and iPad Air, you can open application windows on top of each other, group them and resize them with the Scene Manager.

Whether Wi-Fi or Cellular. Always stay connected.

Stay connected to the internet almost anywhere with your iPad thanks to its cellular feature. So you don’t miss anything even when you’re away from Wi‑Fi.

Use the Files app to store and share all your documents.

Organize, share and access all your documents with the Files app. Manage files you store on your iPad, iCloud, or other cloud services like Box. Easily access your files on your USB memory or other external devices.

Apple Pencil. It’s your pen.

Whether you take lecture notes, write in a diary, or brainstorm on a topic. iPad is always ready to capture your brightest ideas. All you have to do is easily share, develop and realize your ideas.

Sign documents and PDFs. And tick whatever you want.

Fill out forms or sign documents right on your iPad using your fingertip or Apple Pencil, then send your documents with a single tap. Or, if you wish, take a screenshot and mark it, note the desired retouches on the photo, or revise a document.

Draw perfect shapes with your hand.

Draw familiar shapes freely with Apple Pencil, and let the shape recognition feature transform your drawing into its ideal form.

Take Quick Notes anywhere.

With the Quick Note feature, take notes quickly and easily, no matter what you’re doing. Create a Quick Note by swiping your finger or using Apple Pencil in any app or screen. Add tags, links, and mentions for context. Highlight the texts you want to highlight.

Underline your creativity with Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil has unique features like tilt and force sensitivity, imperceptible latency, and pixel-perfect precision. So it’s a great tool to turn a blank page into an inspiring work of art.

Create 3D design easily.

Easily tackle even your most challenging creative projects on iPad. Move or manipulate objects by touching them. Draw with Apple Pencil and finalize your draft. Do it all on one device and view your design with AR.

Make music, record podcasts.

It’s easy to learn, practice, record audio and unleash your creativity with audio apps designed for iPad. Publish your album, start a podcast series, or connect an instrument and improvise music using your iPad.

Animate your animated characters.

Apple Pencil is with you to draw wonderful characters and create new worlds with user-friendly animation applications designed for artists of all disciplines.

iPad and Mac. Your creative team.

Wirelessly extend or mirror your Mac screen with Sidecar. Use iPad to work on precision tasks or as a great second screen. Work seamlessly between your Mac and iPad using a single keyboard and mouse or trackpad with Universal Control.

Watch your favorite content online or offline.

Catch up on the latest movies and TV shows or re-watch your favorites. And on an impressive screen that goes with you everywhere.

Great speakers for music, video and TV.

Listen to podcasts while cooking, turn on your favorite playlist, or take your favorite movie with you when you go somewhere.

Read the classics if you wish, or discover the bestsellers.

Browse your favorite authors, books, and publications with the Books app. Enjoy reading books on iPad.

Take photos or videos. Edit instantly.

First capture the perfect shot. Then personalize it with powerful built-in apps or third-party editing apps. photo with iPad

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