BabyBjörn Kangaroo Move Anthracite 3D Mesh $196.32 Save:$33.00(14%)

BabyBjörn MOVE is an easy-to-use baby carrier made of soft, breathable 3D Mesh fabrics for parents who need a comfortable carrier that provides strong back and lumbar support.
Along with the sturdy head and neck support that can be easily adjusted as your baby grows, it also gently supports your child’s back, legs and hips, allowing him to stay in an ergonomic position for longer.
From the 5th month onwards, when your baby can hold his head independently, the head support of the BabyBjörn MOVE kangaroo can be folded and the baby can be carried facing forward.
When holding the baby in a prone position, they must be able to lift their head up without assistance (at least 5 months). BabyBjörn Move Kangaroo has a sturdy, fully adjustable head and neck support that easily adapts to your baby’s size.
In the International Hip Dislocation Institute-approved BabyBjörnMove Kangaroo, the baby’s hips receive the correct support and the baby’s hips are in the most appropriate position with their legs angled outwards. In this way, correct hip joint development, which is important in the baby’s first months, is supported.
Fixed back support, wide waist belt and full shoulder straps distribute the baby’s weight evenly, making it easier to carry in terms of shoulders and back. The silent locks, which enable putting on and taking off without waking the baby, are designed so that only parents can open them to eliminate the risk of accidental opening. When you’re carrying your newborn baby in a kangaroo, your hands are free for other things.
It is very easy to use thanks to its several adjustable buckles and silent locks. This means that you can use it day or night to comfortably carry your newborn baby.

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