Samsung Galaxy S24+ 12GB_256GB Purple Smartphone $1 534.47

Samsung Galaxy S24+ Purple

Galaxy S24 | S24+
Design lines that stand out

Galaxy S24 and S24+. Light. Chic. Easy. Influential. Carrying it will make you feel different.
Big, bigger and faster

The improvements you’ve been waiting for have arrived. Bigger screen, more battery capacity, more powerful processor power. There’s a lot more to love about the Galaxy S24 and S24+. Galaxy S24+ comes with the highest screen resolution on a Galaxy device: QHD+.

Galaxy S24 vs S24+ comparison
Enhance details with ProVisual engine
50MP. Mega Mega Pixels

A true pixel powerhouse that won’t disappoint. Capture high-resolution photos that will stand the test of years to come.

Explore camera
Shoot far even in the dark
Take bright, colorful and clear photos even in the dark with AI ISP. The portrait shots you’ve been dreaming of are finally at your fingertips. Whether you zoom in 2x or 3x, every distance is now as clear as daytime, even in the dark of night.
More detail with each zoom
Zoom in as you zoom in. Go from 1x to 2x or even 3x., AI lets you take high-quality photos that are incredibly crisp and clear without sacrificing details.,
A new era in photos with AI Zoom
You can take impressive shots with higher performance zoom compared to previous models. Zoom in more clearly and capture enhanced details thanks to the new AI Zoom feature.,

Super HDR previews. Artificial intelligence power that makes improvements before even shooting
With our latest Super HDR enhancement, camera previews deliver Super HDR just like your final shot. You can capture the same image even in the shots you take from Instagram.
See the Super HDR preview without pressing the shutter button. Save it in your gallery or upload it to your social media feed; You’ll see the same amazing HDR quality in both cases.
Explore video

Resize and edit, it’s that easy
Discover new AI-powered photo editing options. Now you can effortlessly perfect your photos to make every image stand out. There’s more. Even if you don’t get the shot you want, you can fill in backgrounds with Creative Editing and make unwanted objects disappear *poof*.
Buy and find for the apartment. It’s that easy
With Circle to Search, searching is easier than ever. To view Google Search results, simply point to an object on the screen. A whole new visual way to find what you’re looking for.

Live Translate. The easiest way to communicate

Get fast language translation service on your next phone call. Yes, that’s right, artificial intelligence helps you communicate outside your own language when talking on the phone. This feature even works in messaging.

Discover Live Translate

Choose the right chat language for your text with Chat Assistant
Add brand new reactions to your messages with Chat Assistant. This feature works on both email and social media to make chatting quick and easy!
More powerful Steam Chamber. The game starts now

1.5 times larger
The latest and improved heat dissipation system helps you play your game at optimum performance. The newest Vapor Chamber is larger than before with integrated liquid type thermal interface material.
Our brightest adaptive mobile display with best performance even in the sun
Level up your game with these two huge screens. The 6.2-inch FHD+ display of the Galaxy S24 and the 6.7-inch QHD+ display of the Galaxy S24+ offer more screen real estate than ever before, thanks to their increased screen size and ultra-thin bezels. Additionally, with Display view support, every You can enjoy optimum color and contrast on both screens.
Share with non-Galaxy devices with Quick Share
You’re not limited to just Galaxy phones. Use QR code or saved contacts to share to other users, distant friends or family.,
Secure with Samsung Knox
In addition to the impenetrable Knox Vault, Samsung’s multi-device

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