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    Baby Carrier Mini is a small, easy-to-use baby carrier that you can quickly put on for frequent short babywearing sessions. It’s perfect for the first months when, like all newborns, your baby needs a lot of closeness around the clock. You can easily unfasten the entire front section of the baby carrier to lift out your sleeping baby. The soft fabrics gently hug your baby’s back, legs and hips, and provide good support. The flexible fabric of the baby carrier allows you to see and feel your newborn’s position and the natural C curve of their back.

    BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini, 3D Jersey, Charcoal Gray

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    Thanks to the easily openable front section, even sleeping babies can be placed and removed from the kangaroo without being woken up. In order to sit the baby forward facing, your baby must be able to keep his/her head balanced (min. 5 months). Leg straps should be used to reduce the leg inlets for babies weighing between 3.2 kg and 4.5 kg. Testing and Safety Information: Babybjörn Move complies with both European EN 13209-2:2015 and American ASTM F2236 safety standards. Washing instructions: Wash in warm water (40°C) and separately from other laundry. Use eco-friendly, mild and non-bleaching detergent. Do not dry in the dryer. Usage Range: 3.2kg-12kg Age Range: 0-15 Months Range

    BabyBjörn Kangaroo Move Anthracite 3D Mesh